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Underfloor heating by ETTA

Quiet operation with even distribution of heat across a large area. No unsightly radiators that gather dust. More cost effective to run with lower maintenance costs.

Heat rising image

Warmth you can walk on

Economic to run by using low water temperatures, whilst warming a room more effectively than conventional heating systems, underfloor heating is a great way to heat your home.

  • Warmer than conventional heating systems
  • By producing less convected heat but more radiant heat than conventional heating apparatus, your room will feel much warmer. This is because heat is dispersed evenly across the room rather than rising at a central point to the ceiling.

  • Hygienic and dust free
  • Underfloor heating requires zero cleaning and produces zero dust, unlike radiators. In addition, moisture content produced by the heating apparatus is too low to support dust mites.

  • Saves money and space
  • Low water temperatures are all that’s needed to heat an entire room, saving money you on your heating bills. Also, without unsightly, dust trapping radiators you will have more available space to utilise.

If you have any questions, simply give one of our engineers a call or send us an enquiry.

How does underfloor heating work?

Underfloor heating works by pumping warm water through winding tubes installed underneath the floor. Modern condensing boilers using low temperature hot water are ideal companions to underfloor heating.

All underfloor installations that we carry out are covered by our insurance policy. Contact us for more details.

Any questions? Use our enquiry form.

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