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Open vented and mains pressure cylinders installed by ETTA

Store and supply of hot water around the home by installing a mains pressure cylinder. Servicing of open vented cylinders and mains pressured unvented cylinders.

Ventillation image

Delivering hot water when you need it

Open vented cylinders and mains pressured unvented systems are the two types of hot water systems available in homes throughout the UK. Older homes and those in low pressure water areas are more likely to have an open vented cylinder system, with water supplied to them from a cold storage tank. Mains pressured unvented systems are found in more modern properties with medium/high water pressure.

ETTA can maintain both open vented and mains pressure cylinder systems and are also happy to conduct new installations and upgrades to mains pressured unvented systems.

With a mains pressured unvented cylinder system, you benefit from:

  • Increased water flow
  • Safer temperature control
  • Space saving on a cold water storage tank
  • More flexibility as to where you install the system

ETTA can help you make an informed decision if you’re unsure of what system you’d like to install.

Maintaining your cylinder system

Most systems require at least an annual service to ensure filters are clean and that all components can be checked and tested. Regular servicing will also keep your cylinder system in top condition and resolve any issues caused by wear and tear that could cost you money in the long run.

Any questions? Use our enquiry form.

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