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Central heating systems by ETTA

Keep heat circulating around your home cheaply and efficiently. Full gas and electric central heating system service.

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Which central heating system is right for me?

Improving energy efficiency and saving costs could mean replacing your heating system entirely or simply upgrading your current system. All gas and electric central heating systems fit into the categories below and are suited towards different households. Take a look at the list below to identify which system is better for you.

  • Combi Boiler Systems
  • The boiler heats hot water on demand, saving energy. No need for a tank or cylinder. Pressure can drop when water is used from more than one appliance at a time.

  • Unvented Systems
  • Traditionally the most common system installed in UK homes. Upgrading system is often cheaper than replacing it. Not ideal for flats where pressure can be lost or where there’s a risk of frost in the Winter.

  • Sealed System
  • A sealed system boiler does not need a header tank but still has a cylinder (open vented or mains pressure). For further information refer to our unvented section.

    If you have any questions, simply give one of our engineers a call or send us an enquiry.

    When your central heating system falters

    Problems with your central heating system can affect your boiler or radiator independently or as part of a problem with both. If you believe there’s a problem concerning your central heating, check our boiler page and radiators page for lists of common problems and/or arrange an engineer call out.

    All heating system repairs undertaken within your property are covered by our insurance policy. Contact us for more details.

Any questions? Use our enquiry form.

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